“The history of Domaine Sainte-Marie dates back to the 18th century.“

The lands of the Domaine then belonged to the Monastère de la Verne, located a little higher in the Massif des Maures. In 1884, a terrible Cholera epidemic falls on the region and miraculously stops on our field. The inhabitants of the hamlet decided to build a statue of the Virgin Mary to thank her.

Even today, surrounded by vineyards, olive trees and oaks, the statue of the virgin leaves almost affectionately his benevolence on the estate and its buildings. Several generations of winemakers have followed one another to highlight this terroir and produce high quality wines. In 2007, the Duburcq family acquired the estate and has since managed it.


“Our vines are biodynamic and organic certified.”

The Sainte Marie vineyard covers 40 hectares. Exposed south, the soil consists of a sandy and permeable soil. It is largely composed of schists, micaschists and white quartz. The slopes are quite soft. The vines enjoy a hot and dry climate in summer. The nights are cool in summer and winter. A vegetal cover is maintained as long as possible and its maintenance is provided primarily by the passage of sheep. The vines ere grouped in the middle of a great forest made of cork oaks, pines, arbutus, heather …

This green lung offers a breath of freshness in summer and a huge biodiversity throughout the year. The property is thus certified High Environmental Value, level 3, the highest. More than 12 varieties of grapes are grown: Grenache, Cinsault, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Carignan, Mourvèdre, Semillon, Muscatel, Tiburen, Clairette, Rolle, Ugni-Blanc. The average age of the vines is 35 years old.


“Our wines Organic and Vegan are handled with great care.”

The harvest takes place between 3am and 8am. It benefit from the natural freshness of summer nights.

Four dedicated cellars then make it possible to bring the greatest care and the most adapted technology to each of the wines of the Domaine.

The Grande Cave is equipped with thermo regulated stainless steel tanks. The juices are kept in cold for several days thanks to a powerful cooling system.

The bottling is made on the site.

The use of sulphites is extremely restrictive.

The concrete cellar allows us to keep red wines for a long rest with optimal temperature maintenance.

The 1884 red and white wines are aged in french oak barrels. They are kept in two separated cellars.


“A fusion of talents to reveal an exceptional terroir.”

Led by Christopher Duburcq formally in the business and management. . He is a serious wine addict and a nature lover. Guy Clément Maître de Chai has a great experience in the wine process both in Provence and in Bordeaux. His wine sensibility, mixed with empiricism and a strong intuition is recognized by all. He is assisted by Grégory Maillot.

Estelle Levet, Head of Culture, was born in the valley. She knows the parcel in all its details and subtleties. She is assisted by Laurent Locati and Natacha Valenza.

John Fouquet manages all the technical installations.

Chloé Maillot manages the sales administration and the tasting room.